Read This Before You Put Your Mower Away This Year

It’s that time of year again! Most look forward to falling leaves, cooler temperatures and pumpkin everything. Then there are others who mainly look forward to one thing, the end of mowing season. If you’re one of these backyard warriors, don’t just throw your mower into the garage or shed after your final hurrah of the year.

picking the right mower - Exmark

The top 5 reasons you should winterize your mower or power equipment.

  1. Remove old, used fuel from your machine. This is a must because fuel over the winter can become stale and gunk up the carburetor. Doing this step can save big dollars in the long run as you won’t need a professional engine cleaning.
  2. Clean off any grass clippings, dirt and debris. Leaving your mower full of grass and organic material is the perfect winter nesting spot for rodents. It also can leave moisture thus causing rust to your shiny paint job.
  3. Store your battery. It is best to unplug your mower battery (negative terminal first) for extended periods of non-use. Wipe the battery down, scrub off terminal corrosion with a wire brush and store the battery in the cool, dry place. Doing so will prevent battery depletion throughout the winter months.
  4. Take any warranty work into your dealership to get completed. You’ll want to get your warranty work done at the end of a season for a few reasons. Since you are done mowing, you are in no rush to get your mower back so the unit can be fully looked over for any and all issues. Another is you will have less hours on the unit and doing it before next year prevents the warranty from expiring (all depending on your specific warranty details from the manufacturer or dealership for extended warranties).
  5. Take care of any known issues. If you don’t do it now, you will most likely forget once spring comes and then you’re out of commission as the grass grows taller and taller. If you’re not doing it yourself and taking it to a dealership, you will wait longer than normal as spring is the busy season for mower maintenance. Doing it now is a great idea because you can fix whatever issue you are having and complete this list to totally winterize your machine. A big bonus is many dealerships have fall and winter service specials since it is a slower time of year. If you are in the Central Illinois area, German-Bliss Equipment has a Winter Service Special going on now and can take care of winterizing your mower or power equipment for you.

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